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Oral report by Yatsenko P.I. "Thermodynamic properties of n-C3F7I and its monomolecular dissociation under shock-tube heating".

Conference materials and more information can be found at the link -


Oral report by Korshunova M.R. "Experimental study of the growth of polyaromatic compounds during the pyrolysis of mixtures of benzene and dimethyl ether behind shock waves"

Oral report by Kolotushkin R.N. "Measurement of the size of soot nanoparticles in a standard ethylene-air flame by LII and TEM methods"

2 poster reports in the field of research on high-temperature oxidation of biofuels of the Laboratory № 19

The materials of the symposium and more detailed information can be found at the link -

Congratulations to Pavel Ivanovich Yatsenko on the first place in the competition of scientific works of young scientists dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the JIHT RAS with the theme of the work "Study of high-temperature oxidation of dimethyl ether, butanol and methane: experiment and chemical modeling"

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